Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weekend Plans

The weekend is finally here, nothing to big on the agenda. Planning on a ride today right now the temp is 17 degrees but hopefully by 1:30 it should be up into the mid twenties.

I started our tax return last night and think I almost have it completed. I need to do a few final checks before I'm ready to send it in, no big surprises not paying in but not getting a lot back, which means I must have our withholdings figured about right.

Sunday is of course Super Sunday. I'm not a big fan of either team playing but since I feel the Patriots may have cheated a bit and are a bit to perfect I will be cheering for the Giants. My actual prediction for the game is 34 to 17 Patriots. I hope it’s closer than that but I don't think the Giants will be able to hang with them. The whole family is going to be watching the game at some friends’ house so I'm sure we will have a good time no matter what.

I did get on the trainer yesterday. I spent about 40 minutes on it over my lunch hour and fully planned on another 1/2 hour Friday night, but that didn't happen. My better 1/2 went out with some friends after work so I was on dinner & kid duty for the evening.

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