Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pain in the Eye

I woke up this morning with my left eye a little swollen and scratchy. I really didn't think anything of it though so I got up put in my contacts and got ready for the day. Well it got steadily more painful and swollen as the day went on and I ended up coming home from work to get the contacts out and put some heat on it. This is the first day (part day) of work I've missed in a LONG time due to illness and I don't even know if I would call this an illness. Anyway I'm home for the afternoon and bored. I've already ridden the trainer for the day so I have no desired to get back on that thing and my vision is screwed up enough because of my eye I really don't want to try riding outside.

Speaking of the trainer, I checked my total trainer miles today. I purchased (got as a gift from the Mrs) in January of 2007, to date I've put 1100 miles on the miserable thing. Considering I take the bike off the trainer at the end of March every year it's no wonder I'm sick of the damn thing.

I've been toying around with commuting to work via bike. The reasons I don't right now is I have a 1/2 mile of 65 mph very busy road I have to deal with and it has NO shoulder. I also have to wear dress cloths at work and have to be available to pick up the kiddos if needed. Yeah I know everyone has tons of excuses for everything but I'm going to start trying to figure out a way to overcome these. $4.00 a gallon gas might be the biggest decider, even though my total commute it all of 2 1/2 miles one way. I might have to wait until school is out to actually start because of the kids but I figure it's never to early to get a plan started.


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