Friday, February 22, 2008



I thought it would be helpful for me to keep a list of rides/events I know I will be attending.

Bunyan’s to Bob’s – a new ride but believe me if you like bikes, beer, bars and good food you won’t want to miss it. Possible gathering after at my place for chosen few. (May 17th)

Bike MS training ride (sponsored by the LANEHOGS) - a training ride and possibly extra miles and extra fun for those interested. (July 12th)

Aebleskiver ride – a great ride the brain child of Cycling Cathy, small towns great company and good food namely Aebleskiver, the beer and brats at the end are always good to. (July 19th)

Bike MS: Pedal the Plains – this is probably my favorite ride, always good people, good fun and a GREAT cause, what more could you want.

SD Gut Check – For those of us who find higher knowledge through pain and suffering. (August 15th-17t)

I'm sure I'll be adding more but this is a start.


Cathy Jo said...

Isn't it great, the calendar is filling fast with some great rides! I'm looking forward to hosting the Aebleskiver Ride once again. I'll do the short ride (42 mile loop), grill some brats, and ice the beer. Then later that day take off for a week of RAGBRAI! I have to experience it at least once!

CDV said...

I'm jealous, I will be using up most of my time off for my Florida trip so no week long tours for me this year. I will just need to plan lots more weekend events.