Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Review

What a great weekend for getting some riding in, the weather was about as good as a person can ask for in February.

Saturday I went out about 1:00 and got in around 15 miles, I had intended on a bit longer ride but really had a hard time keeping the toes warm. The temp was 32 when I left but the SE wind really seemed to have some humidity too it and made it feel a bit colder than I expected.

When I got home Saturday I decided it was time to put the new pedals on the road bike. No problems putting the new ones on the old pedals were a little hard to break free but all and all a successful upgrade. Clipping into the new pedals is going to take a little getting used to. My old SPD pedals just slam your foot down and your in. The new Crank Bro. pedal seem to require almost a sliding motion forward to clip in. I'm sure it will be second nature in no time.

Sunday after church I did my best Martha Stewart impression, which included 3 loads of laundry, vacuuming the whole house, cleaning all 3 bathrooms (toilets included) and sweeping and mopping the kitchen. After all that cleaning I think I earned a bit of bike time. I left about 1:30 and rode for about 2 hours, probably about 25 to 27 mile range. The weather was great in fact I had one to many layers on and got a little warm.

Next weekend my on my way to the SD Bike Summit which should be fun.



bikingbrady said...

I should have called you Sunday. I went over to Maskell about 2:30. I couldn't believe how nice it was! Understand your feeling about too many layers, I actually had to zip down a bit except on the longer, faster decents.

Anonymous said...

I got in 32 miles myself on Saturday, what a glorious day!
C U at the Summit!