Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Equipment

I'm excited it's time to upgrade pedals so I'm getting some of these. It has been almost a year since I've purchase any upgrades for the bike, my last upgrade was this. My current pedals are Nashbar SPD pedals, can you say el cheapo. They may have been cheap but they have about 15,000 miles on them and I haven't had one problem with them. To give you an idea how cheap they were I bought them and shoes to go with them for under $70.00. The shoes are still my favorite shoes, which goes to show expensive in not always better.

I had been considering upgrading to Speed Play pedals but compromised since Bikingbrady and are planning a Gut-Check tandem adventure. I hope I'm as happy with my new pedals as my old time tested Nashbars.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice looking pedal, lots of support. I just bought Speedplay Frogs at my LBS since he recommended them for my (hopefully arriving soon) new recumbent.