Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Ride

I woke up this morning with some really lead legs and a very stiff back. I don’t know if I over did it on the trainer this week but my quads were all knotted up and I spent ½ the night sleeping on the floor to try to get my back to feel better. Any way with the forecast for temps in the high 30’s I couldn't let a stiff back and some sore muscles stop me. I figured the best way to loosen everything up was to go for a nice easy ride which is what I did. I decided to head out solo as I wasn’t sure how my aching body would respond but after the first couple miles I got warmed up and felt pretty good. The temp was 37 when I left and according to accuweather a SE wind of 15 mph. I took the camera long with me and took a few pictures along the way, I might post them later. Taking the camera along is a first for me as I never usually stop when I go out for a ride. All in all I got in about 22 miles +/- a mile, as I don’t have a computer on my Mt Bike.


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Snakebite said...

ONE turn of the cranks is over doing it on a trainer!