Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yup I'm still alive

Yeah, I know I haven't posted anything in like 4 weeks and the reason is I've had nothing going on to post about. Ride the trainer...ride the trainer....ride the trainer, you get the picture. Riding the trainer is bad enough in its self let alone blogging about it.

Saturday I finally freed the road bike from the cursed trainer and attended the St Patrick's day ride in Yankton. We had a great time Biking Brady, Cycling Cathy, The Hammer and Tez were all there. We even were treated to a great pre-ride lunch and post-ride beers at the Club House.

Sunday we were off and riding again Craig T., Biking Brady and myself made a quick run to Elk Point and back the wind was tough on the way there and really not very helpful on the way back. The wind really did make for hard riding but if you wait for the wind to die down you won't be riding much in South Dakota.

Monday night Biking Brady and I headed out again for a quick 20 miles and it was pretty quick as we rolled out of town about 5:15 and rolled back in exactly an hour later.

It finally feels like riding season has really started after 3 days of riding in a row. No monster mileage rides yet as the Elk Point and back was the longest of the 3 rides but it feels really great to get out on the road again.

Oh yeah, that new bike is the best biking purchase I have ever made.