Sunday, April 13, 2008


Pretty uneventful weekend. The Mrs. was at a conference in FL since last Wed, so I spent most of the weekend at home with the kiddos. My sinus's were really bothering me Saturday so I spent most of the day with a Kleenex box at my side. The Mrs got back Sat evening and Sunday morning was church.

I had pretty much settled into my recliner for the afternoon, when Biking Brady call I mentioned I should get my sorry ass outside and ride. We hid from the wind and stayed in town for somewhere between 15 - 20 miles. It was good to get out and get the heart pumping.

Weather forecast sounds promising for some evening rides this week, I hope winter has finally given up.


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bikingbrady said...

Right at 21 miles when I got back home :-) A good "urban" ride.