Tuesday, April 8, 2008


My emergency ride went to SHIT! I really, really wanted to get a nice ride in before the Mrs. left for her conference in FL but fate was against me. It started out great Biking Brady and I agreed to meet at said set time and said set place and planned out a 20 or so mile ride. I was ready, geared up, tires aired, water bottles filled and rolling around the parking lot waiting for Biking Brady to roll in.

That's when it happened the dreaded cell phone call from the Mrs., saying "I'm on Main St and my tire is going flat." Biking Brady had just rolled in and I informed him of the situation, he agreed to meet me at the service station in hopes we could still get a ride in. The local service station was less than helpful so we were forced to the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart). By this time I knew any chance for a ride was out of the picture as I had to get new tires on before the Mrs. left for her conference. Well needless to say the Evil Empire was happy to charge me $400.00 + for 4 new tires, but the Prius is back on the road.

I have come to a conclusion:
Cars hate bikes!
It was a perfect night for a ride: NO wind, 50 degree temp and light until 8:00 P.M.
The car knew this and decided to foil my ride.
I hate cars, the costs, the insurance, the gas, I hate it all.

F'N good ride ruined.

I don't even want to hear about how nice your solo ride was Mr. Brady.



Anonymous said...

Compadre, I missed a golden opportunity today too. Worked too long, drove too much, and was just too durn tired to ride. I KNOW I will be kicking myself later this week, but what the heck, I'm getting old.
Maybe tomorrow.
There's always tomorrow.

CDV said...

Misery loves company, thanks for the company!!

bikingbrady said...

If it helps, my toes were a little cold at around the 20 mile mark.

I'm sorry man...I kept hoping to see you on Hwy 19.