Sunday, April 20, 2008

Better than Nothing

Well my great plans for a Century Sunday were quickly blown away by the SD wind. On the way home from church at 9:15 rain drops were hitting the window and temp was 44 degrees. I wasn't that desperate for an early morning solo ride.

I left for the group ride shortly before 1 and knew it was going to be a tough day. The SE wind was really tough, about 26 to 30 mph tough. 5 rollers showed for the group ride; Chad P., Tom, Ed F., Cactus Eyed Joe and myself. We took off for Elk Point, Cactus Eyed Joe and me quickly lined up into the wind. Ed F. is not comfortable in a pace line and Chad P (on his trike) and Tom were planning a slower pace. Our 2 man pace line held a blistering 10 mph pace into the stiff wind, taking turns pulling about every quater mile. We pulled into Elk Point an hour and 15 minutes after leaving Vermillion and discussed if we should continue on to Jefferson. We decided an hour and 15 minutes into that wind was enough and decided to head back to Vermillion. The pace back to Vermillion was a bit better 28 to 31 mph with about 1/2 the effort of riding into the wind.

Needless to say my hope of a Sunday Century is over and I ended up with a whopping 35 miles instead. Hey it's better than nothing.



thE_kErnEl said...

you should have been at lbl!!!

CDV said...

I really really wanted to go but my wife had a conference out of town and I was at home with the kiddos all day Saturday. May-be next year!