Thursday, April 24, 2008


OK, if you read this blog you probably read Biking Brady's blog as well. Well I will put in my 2 cents on this up coming cycling year and look back into last year.

Last Year - Serious training started January 1st. I put in 400+ miles per month on the TRAINER Jan, Feb, March & April.

This Year - I put in 150 miles per month Jan, Feb, March.

Last Year - Every ride was a training ride, EVERY ride. I rode TDK at 18 mph average per day, everyday except 1. I rode the MS ride at 19 mph average each day. Club rides, people stopped showing up if they knew Biking Brady and I were coming, they got sick of our all out training pace. I treated each ride as a training ride for Gut-Check trying to make myself stronger and faster. I did get stronger and faster but I didn't have as much fun as I should have. Don't get me wrong the 07 cycling season was great and I enjoyed it but training became a mission, something I had to do. It became work.

This Year - I'm going to ride lots! I will ride a lot but I have no training plan, no set speed I want to be able to ride at, no mileage goal, I want to ride as much as possible and enjoy every mile of it. I also don't have as much time for training this year, I have a family wedding/vacation planned in June for a week and 1/2, happens to be the same time as TDK. I have another family wedding in July in Rapid. These are going be fun family trips but very costly $$ wise and would take away a large chunk of training time.

The $$'s this year is a factor too. Gut-Check was a costly ride for me last year, if fact I figured out the week of TDK was less expensive than my weekend Gut-Check ride. Will I do Gut-Check again, I fully plan on it. May-be next year, it beat me once and I really don't like to admit defeat. I fully plan to stare the beast down again in the future, just not this year.



Cathy Jo said...

Yeah!!! It is going to be a fun summer. I can only speak for myself, but you're absolutely right about the group rides. If you and Biking Brady were going to be there, we knew it would definitely NOT be a pace that most like me could keep up with. Remember on TDK I jokingly said that we should draw straws and the short straw would have to ride with you and Biking Brady? Actually, I wasn't joking!

SD_pedalpower said...

I've already starting correcting people on rides this year when they call them a training ride. I tell them it is not a training ride but a pleasure ride.