Monday, April 7, 2008

Emergency Ride

I have to get a ride in before the Mrs leaves for a conference in FL on Wed. If your in or around Vermillion Tues April 7th let me know riding will be done.

Weekend review,

Friday- Tandem ride with Biking Brady - 31 miles - felt great to get out on the road again.

Saturday- Planned 50 mile ride- SD winds kicked our butts, we bailed at about 33 miles total. Riding on a 45 degree angle to keep upright was tough, but well worth being outside in 60+ degree weather.

Sunday- Weather sucked, made a quick trip to Sioux Falls via the Prius to get new luggage for Disney and fertilizer for the lawn. I fertilize so my lawn grows more, so I mow more. OK why the hell do I bother, I'm just making work for myself, cutting into riding time. Anyway the Prius took a hit, some bozo backed into me in a parking lot, he didn't even know he did it. I had to get out of the car, knock on his window and exclaim, "You F'N hit my car!! Anyway a foot long scratch on the bumper, paint damage is all but believe me his insurance WILL fix my car or pad my wallet, either way when you don't look back out of your Lincoln SUV and hit a Prius you will pay. Us Prius owners are a nasty bunch!


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Anonymous said...

The really bad news is that we have to share the road with bozos like that.