Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Dr. is In

Dr Bike: What seems to be the problem?

Me: I have the crud.

Dr Bike: The crud?

Me: No voice, stuffed up head and a nagging cough.

Dr Bike: Any underlying causes or other symptoms you can think of?

Me: A winter that won't die, persistent snow and cold, followed by a couple of nice days that last only long enough to give me hope. Is there any cure?

Dr Bike: Quit feeling sorry for yourself and shut-up and ride. I don't care if it's the trainer or up and down your driveway. JUST RIDE.

Me: OK, I will quit bitching about it and try to turn the cranks everyday. Thanks!

I followed Dr. Bike's directions today and you know what I felt much better after 1/2 an hour on the trainer!


1 comment:

bikingbrady said...

That's funny....Sunday after our cycling class instructor training I thought somebody started a REAL fire in my lungs. But I feel better now, so it must have worked :-)