Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Ride

What a nice evening for a ride and a great way to celebrate Earth day. Biking Brady and I headed out about 5:15 and did an easy 30 miles (thanks for not trying to kill me BB). We met up with Cycling Cathy and got to ride with her for a few miles. It's been a long winter and it's good to see old cycling friends out on the road. It was also my first ride of the year that didn't require, insulation, long sleeves or tights, I'm glad my fellow riders had their shades on so they weren't blinded by my white legs. Looks like spring has finally sprung.



Cathy Jo said...

It was a great ride....and this is just the beginning of cycling season. Looking forward to a lot more rides with the LaneHogs gang!

bikingbrady said...

I was surprised at the time on my Garmin when I got back, but that's the beauty of not having the bike computer looking at me during the ride. We went where it was comfortable and didn't worry about speed. I'm liking the no computer thing!