Sunday, July 13, 2008

Words of Wisdom

Never start a plumbing project at 6:00 P.M. on a Sunday evening, instead go on a 20 to 30 mile ride with friends (I turned them down for plumbing).

All plumbing supply/hardware stores are closed after 6:00 P.M. in Vermillion.

Washing dishes in the bath-tub sucks. Ok, the Mrs. didn't use the tub but the laundry room sink isn't much better.

Always have a full 1/2 gallon of some sort of whiskey available to celebrate failed projects(screwed this up to).

So, I've now screwed up 2 rides as I will be fixing tomorrow, after work, instead of riding.




Anonymous said...

Sheez, just ask me to help next time! Then, you will see that you are NOT the worst plumber ever!!! My plumbing projects always require at least three trips into town for more stuff. Heck, just did one and found out there are two kinds of PVC pipe, one for hot and one for cold and NO, they don't use the same size fittings. Who does the figuring out of stuff like that?! They should be fired or something......

bikingbrady said...

I suppose now is NOT the time to tell you how beautiful and peaceful the Meckling loop was last night. Laura told me that she felt fine after her 50+ on Saturday and didn't whine a bit last night. The lady is getting the hang of this cycling thing!

CDV said...

My problem is getting an 1 inch drain line to become a 3/4 inch drain line. I think I can give you a run for the worst plumber ever.