Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Tired and Wired to Sleep

Have you ever been to tired and to wired to sleep, I'm there. Out of the past 48 hours I've been up 45 hours. My Mom looks like she is going to be OK, but there are big reasons I've been up this long and I'm not prepared to discuss them on this forum now, if ever. Thank-you to Mr. and Mrs. Biking Brady to for listening to me ramble when I really need someone to talk to, you are true friends.


P.S. Dudes and Dudettees,

By the looks of things I might not get many miles in between now and the MS 150 so be kind and when you pass me give me a push!


Tez said...
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Tez said...

Glad your mom is doing ok. Hang in there kid! I am sure I will be off the back of the peloton for the MS150. It will be fun no matter where all of us are as long as maybe the bloggers hook up and meet in Vermillion at some point!