Friday, July 25, 2008

Bike Therapy

I'm happy to report to my 5 or so readers my Mom is doing great. Considering I was sitting in a private room with a Chaplin Wed. afternoon and the surgeon said she might not wake up, she is now walking up and down the halls of the Heart Hospital. The staff at that place is amazing, I have never experienced a hospital with that level caring and skill. Now that I'm confident my Mom is out of the woods I need to release a bit of pent up stress from the last couple of days. I think a RIDE is in order. The plan is to meet up with Biking Brady and Cindy L. about 6:30 tomorrow morning, they are riding to a group ride by Beresford. I will then continue on to Sioux Falls to spend the weekend at the hospital with my Mom. If any Sioux Falls bloggers read this I will be approching Sioux Falls via Lennox then onto Tea and would welcome any rollers along the way. Hopefully a good 60 mile ride will help me put my emotions and stress back in check after this rough couple of days.


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Ham(m)er said...

Glad to hear that your mom is well. Did you get rained on? I was going to bike to Lennox, but didn't like the weather. Healing wishes to your mom!!