Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fireworks, Weddings & Stitches

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July here is my recap of the weekend.

We left Vermillion Thursday about 2:30 P.M. to head out to Rapid City for my brother in laws wedding. We made our way to my parents farm about 125 miles from Vermillion, there we stopped had dinner and spent the evening with my parents. We had picked up some fireworks which we had a good time blowing up Thursday evening.

We loaded up Friday morning and were on the road by 7:30 A.M. We took time to do the Bad Lands loop along the way to the Hills. We stopped and did a little hiking and site seeing in the Bad Lands, the kids really enjoyed it and the weather was great.

We continued on to Rapid where we had rooms at the Ramkota (can you say water park). We checked in and soon found out the air conditioner in our room was pretty much crap. We tried it on low, we tired it on high, we called maintenance. Needless to say the maintenance crew at the Ramkota has an 8th grade education, combined. They made two trips out and said "Oh it should be fine it's just a little froze up, just run it on low". After the 2nd maintenance moron said that I took matters into my own hands and yanked out the clogged air filter and threw it to the side. It ran better, not good, but at least we weren't sweating. The next day I went to the front desk and told them, new room, new air conditioner or a free stay. We finally ended up with a new room.

Any way from Friday night until Sunday about 10:30A.M. or so was filled with wedding festivities. It was fun but busy, as Mr. T and Ms. K were ring bearer and flower girl, and the Mrs had to sing in the ceremony so we got to partake of all the picture fun, rehearsal and so on. We had a great time and the whole wedding portion of the weekend was really fun. I'm fortunate, as I really enjoy spending time with my in-laws and extended family.

Before we made the 6 hour trip back to Vermillion we decided to try to take in one quick site seeing trip in the Hills. We collectively decided to head to the Black Hills cavern (cave), this is where the weekend got really exciting.

We started our tour of the cave, it was nice, a small tour group, a cool (temp wise) cave on a hot day, what could go wrong. A little over 1/2 way through the tour after we had just passed a sign saying "You are now 50 feet underground" Ms K. took a header down a steep flight of steps. It was dark and slippery, she was excited to be in the cave and also a bit tired from the busy weekend, were not sure exactly what happened but anyway she went down HARD. The Mrs. was the first to her, Ms. K popped right back up a little shook but talking and walking, we thought a simple spill, like I said it was DARK. The Mrs. picked up Ms K. and kept walking asking her where it hurt. Ms. K responded my head, at this point I asked the guide for his flashlight and was going to give the princess a once over. It didn't take long as blood was now gushing down the side of her precious face. I told the guide get us out of here the quickest way possible. He abandoned the rest of the tour group, yelling at them to stay put and we were on our way to the surface. The Mrs in the lead carrying Ms K and me and Mr. T trailing. After a couple flights of steps the Mrs realized caring a 45 to 50 lbs 6 year old out of a cave was not going to be easy and handed her to me. The race was on. If you ever want a good workout walk 50 feet or so underground and watch one of the most important people in your life get hurt. We reached the surface and finally got to get a good look at her injury, it was about a 2 inch cut in her forehead, down to the bone.

I applied pressure while the Mrs and Mr. T went for the car, while applying pressure the cave personal gave me directions to the hospital. We did the switch at this point the Mrs in back with the wounded and me driving with Mr. T. on the lookout for the blue hospital signs. Anyone who wants to doubt how fast a Prius can roll should have been a witness to the next part of this saga. I was running 80 to 90 mph on the straight a ways and 75 in the 35 mph zones. I ran every stop light. Why the hurry you say for just a 2 inch cut in the head. When we got in the car and were no more than 3 miles down the rode and she passed out for the first time, we got her woke, then she threw up. At one point I tossed my phone to Mr. T and told him to dial 911, Ms K heard this and screamed "I don't want to go in an ambulance". She passed out a 2nd time, we were all REALLY, REALLY scared.

We finally got to the hospital where they took her vitals and checked her out, the passing out and vomit were due to her going into a mild shock. She ended up with 3 to 4 internal stitches, I'm not sure of that amount as I had to sit down a bit myself because at that point I was about to pass out, and 7 external stitches.

She will be Ok, THANK GOD. There is NOTHING worse than seeing one of your children hurt. I'm still shook and I know the Mrs is as well.

Hopefully anyone reading this had a calmer end to the weekend than we did.



bikingbrady said...

Glad K is okay. It is scary. Watching your kid bleed is tough indeed.

I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't survive the Brady household however. The ER knows us by name. It's like Norm at Cheers....

Cathy Jo said...

That is darn scary! Glad everything turned out fine but your family will probably never want to go in a cave again, especially Ms. K. Remind me to tell you the story sometime of how Charlie needed stitches while on a snorkeling trip in Mexico...we can share vacation stories from ____ on our next long bike ride.

Hooterville Mayor said...

Glad the outcome was not any scarier than it already was. Kids heal quickly, physically and emotionally, so you can stop worrying yourself into an ulcer Dad.

CDV said...

Ulcer? Check, I think I'm already there. Now what??

Ham(m)er said...

Youch. I'm glad that you guys made it home mostly in one piece.