Sunday, May 25, 2008

Who filled my seat post with Alpo?

I woke up this morning checked the wind and temp and thought to myself why not go out and get an early 30 mile ride in. I grabbed some breakfast, got ready and slipped on my Gut-Check dog tags. I figured since I'm home alone a little ID to identify the body might be nice in case of an accident. Little did I know that dog tags attract dogs. At 10:00 I set out to ride the Meckling loop, a ride I usually do a couple times a week. There are a couple of places on this loop that have some dogs but usually they are well behaved and don't cause any problems. Today was NOT one of those days.

Shortly after leaving Vermillion and turning onto Bluff road I noticed a tan spot in the middle of the road about 1/2 a mile ahead. I figured it was a deer, I was wrong, instead it was a deer sized dog. He was trotting along in the passing lane going the same direction as me. As I approached he glanced back at me a couple of times but made no attempt to turn, growl or give me any need for fear. That is until I was next to him. He lunged at me just as I pulled up next to him, I stood up and hammered the pedals as hard as I could, he gave chase. I yelled at him as I gave it my all to put a gap between us, he kept coming. After an 1/2 mile of me running about 28 mph he gave up. My heart was ready to explode. I thought to myself why didn't I grab my Halt spray before I left the house.

I continued on. The next place that is always known for dogs along this loop was just a couple of miles ahead. These dogs usually run up the the side of the road and stop at that, not today. As I approached the farm place I could see the 3 mutts lying in the yard. I thought to myself it's my lucky day, they are sleeping and won't even bother, I was wrong again. Just as I was even with the farm place they came with all they had. I had a good jump but they had good traction in the grass and gained on me quickly. Once they hit the road I could hear the claws sliding across the pavement trying to gain on me. Once again I hammered and hammered hard, they chased for almost a mile.

I recovered a bit and headed on. I was just coming up on a farm place with a large feed lot, I have never noticed a dog at this place but guess what, out of the ditch comes another dang dog. He had much smaller legs and I didn't have to hammer as hard to stay ahead of him but he followed me for 2 miles.

By this time I haven't even ridden 10 miles and have been chased by 5 dogs. If you have ever ridden the Meckling loop you know whats next. The school house with the 2 Rotts. These are well behaved dogs and I have never had a problem with them. As I roll up about a 1/4 mile away from the school house, what happens. The Rotts come out of the ditch by the driveway, each one stands in a lane on the road and face me. They have NEVER done this to me before, I look around for the owner, as they are usually outside with the dogs, no owner is to be found. I did the only thing I could think of, I turned around. I figured it was better to back track and take my chances with the 5 dogs who probably at best might knock me over and maul me slightly rather than tangle with 2 Rotts that would eat me and still be hungry.

I did make it home. Only 4 dogs to out run on the way home and they were tired because they all had had a early morning work out thanks to yours truly. My easy 30 mile ride turned into 20 mile time trial thanks to every dog in Clay county wanting a piece of me.



Cathy Jo said...

I was just thinking of going out and riding theBluff Road - think I'll take another route! If the owners are gone I think those Rots become very territorial!

thE_kErnEl said...

time to talk to some owners? or bring some nasty crap to spray on them.

bikingbrady said...

Did you find where I stashed the steak bits yet? I told you not to mess with me.