Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stinkin Weather

So the Mrs and the kids are out of here for the weekend, they are planning a long road trip to MI. I don't have enough time off available from work to go along so I'm home alone for about 5 days. Whats a guy to do?? RIDE you say and yes that was the plan, unlimited riding time Saturday, Sunday and Monday what more could I ask for. Have you looked at the weather forecast for this weekend rain, wind, rain, wind and some more rain. I can't get a break.



Tez said...

They are headed to Michigan? Nice state. I have a BUNCH of relatives out there in the Whithall / Montague (westside along Lake Michigan) area. Here's to hoping mother nature gives us some breaks this weekend to hop on the bike for some riding!
Don't you need to pack for Disney?...hahaha

CDV said...

T-13 days until we depart for Disney. Packing will have to start soon at least organization before packing. The Mrs and kids are heading to the Lansing area, its a long drive, I would like to go but also glad I won't be in a car for 14 hours.

Tez said...

It is a nasty drive especially around Chi-town. It is funny we usually lay out the luggage at least a month before we go and as we run across things we want to take we throw it in the luggage. You will have a GREAT TIME trust me!

Cathy Jo said...

I'm hoping the weather forecast is wrong and we get at least a little decent weather this weekend!