Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Ride

Ok, may-be a husband shouldn't go for a bike ride on Mother's Day, but my wife understands it has been a difficult spring to get much riding done. Between weather and activities, available riding time has been hard to find. The Mrs gave me the go ahead for a ride today so I of course had to take advantage of it.

I discussed with my fan club (that would be my 2 kids) on how far and where I should ride. They had lots of ideas, here are a few, Sioux Falls and back, Kentucky, North Carolina, China and of course around the world. All sound like fun rides but with a 3 hour time frame not very likely.

I sent out an email to the Lane Hogs to see if I could get some company. I didn't think it was very likely as Mother's day and many graduation activities are going on. Needless to say I didn't have any takers on the ride so it was solo for me.

I headed out of Vermillion at 1:30 the temp was 55 and the wind out of the NNW at 9-10 mph. It was clear and sunny though and a beautiful day to be out on the bike. I set in at my, happy I can ride all day pace, which is 15 to 16 mph and headed out. The first 30 miles flew by, I felt great, better than I expected so I decided to keep going. After another 8 miles or so I started feeling not so good. I realized the temp had continued to climb and I had not taken off enough layers to keep myself cool. I stopped, lost a couple of layers of cloths, sat for a bit, drank a whole water bottle and decided I was feeling a little better. The last 8 miles was a little rough, my stop and attempt at refueling with water didn't make up for my overheating. Anyways I made it home and it took me 2 full beers before I felt better. A nice day and a nice 45 miles regardless.



Cathy Jo said...

Glad you got out to ride. I would've joined you but I've been recovering from a stomach virus.

CDV said...

I hope your feeling better soon!

Tez said...

Beer the great recovery drink!