Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Stuff

I attended the FAB meeting in Sioux Falls on Saturday and became a new member of the club. It was a good time and great to see so many people show up for a meeting to support their club and cycling in general. I guess now I have a dual membership going between the Lane Hogs and FAB. My opinion is you can never belong to too many bike organizations.

Sunday I was feeling the need to get out and get some fresh air so I decided to give a little snow/ice biking a try. Looking back I should have went for a walk instead. My hats off to you good people that do it everyday, but it's not for me. The temperature was a brisk 7 degrees which does not bother me a bit. The problem I have is the ice and just overall traction. I tried riding on the snow,I tried hitting all the clear spots but always felt like I was a heartbeat away from a bone shattering crash. It might not have helped that I got a good look at the kErnEl's wrist on Saturday. Will I still ride during the winter? Oh yeah, I'm just going to stick to times with I can keep the rubber on dry ground.



Anonymous said...

Welome to FAB!
A good friend of mine up in Canuck land once wrote; "Ice bikin' ain't for sissies, nor the sane".
He may be right. Get yerself some studded snow tires next year and join us. It is more fun that you can imagine!

Cathy Jo said...

I feel the need for a winter Lane Hogs club meeting - for those of us who don't do the ice biking thing - we need to get together and at least talk about our past epic bike rides!

Tez said...

Good to see you on Saturday and welcome to FAB! I am not one that likes to ride on snow / ice but am thinking about maybe doing more of it this next winter. will see

Anonymous said...