Sunday, January 4, 2009

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging

Yep, I'm back... I'm sure all my 5 or 6 followers were just dying for me to get back in blogging mode. I hope everyone had a good holiday season. I really do like the holidays and getting together with friends and family but I'm also glad when it's done and life can get back to normal. Well as normal as it gets.

Since it's now 2009 I guess everyone is busy making and breaking New Year resolutions. I've got a couple of New Year resolutions/goals I'm going to work for. I believe in the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method for resolutions so here they are...

1. Ride my bike more... farther and harder.

2. Eat less and better.

3. Finish Gut-Check.

There you have it my quick and simple resolutions/goals for 2009.



Tez said...

Welcome back! Good goals! Hope you had a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

Back to normal, yup, you betcha!
I have the same resolution as last years, and the preceding years.
To not make any new years resolutions.

So far, so good.

Cathy Jo said...

Goal #2 sounds like one I should set for myself. I've been eating like I'm on a century ride every day.

Anonymous said...

sound like mine except #3 not sure if I am man enough for that yet

DIRK said...

What was that?? Yeah I just dropped part of my cheeseburger on my keyboard.
Don't forget the training you will need to finish the burger at Bob's.