Friday, October 17, 2008


Is the best way to describe the new bike. I took it out for a quick ride after work last night again and continue to be amazed at the difference from my old ride. It's a much smoother ride, it corners much better and amazingly I seem to be able to climb a bit better on it. Don't get me wrong a great hill climber I am not but it does seem better on the new bike. I'm really hoping for a window of nice weather, on a free weekend, to get a longer ride in before the weather really gets crappy (winter) outside. The opportunities for riding after work are getting shorter and shorter with it getting dark so quickly, but I will grab each chance I get as I'm already dreading the thought of the trainer.

Not much else going on except I'm off this afternoon to head to my parents place for the great South Dakota tradition of pheasant hunting. Mr. T. and Ms. K. are excited as BB gun lessons and target practice will commence in the morning before the real hunting starts. I also plan to get some work done on my deer stand for the upcoming deer season.

Have a great, safe weekend no matter if your on the bike or in the field.


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Tez said...

Hope the hunting was good!