Monday, October 13, 2008

I couldn't stop myself

A new bike has a powerful pull. It was chilly, damp and windy today but she kept calling to me from the garage and finally I suited up and headed out. With the 20mph west wind it was a bit brisk, but it is October so good riding days are going to get harder to find. It's always a real sign that seasons are changing when you have to dig out the toe covers, insulated leg warmers and insulated jacket. I'm very glad I went out though so I could get a real good feel for the new bike, with my pedals and saddle on board.

In other news I just watched the Mrs. rip a tooth out of Ms K. head. When my little girl gets a loose tooth she wants it out the SAME day and tears and blood are soon to follow. She is tougher than me, in between popping roots on the tooth to come out, she runs over to show me how much looser it is and that is the point I about lose it myself. So anyways the tooth fairy will be stopping by our house tonight.


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