Sunday, October 26, 2008

Search for the perfect cage

Since I had a meeting in Yankton on Saturday and was not able to ride on one of the only nice days this week I thought I would head to Yankton a little early in search of the perfect bottle cages to complement my new bike. Yes, I could order them from my LBS but would like to check them out a bit before I make up my mind.

I headed to the first bike shop in Yankton (I won't use names to protect both shops lack of inventory) and found 2 carbon fiber cages. The first priced at $45.00 and the second priced at $55.00 with the difference between the two a whole 4 ounces. Come on a $100.00 for flippin bottle cages! I told the dude that was helping me that I need to lose 4 ounces around my middle before 4 ounces on a cage was worth $10.00 extra so needless to say my search continued.

I pulled into the second shop with only a few minutes to spare before my meeting was to start and a few seconds was all I needed. When I asked about carbon fiber cages the dude behind the counter looked at me like I had a third eye in the middle of my forehead. His comment was "I've only sold one of those since I've been here, but I have lots of steel and aluminum ones to pick from".

Well call me picky but when I have just purchased a full carbon fiber bike I would like a cage that one, matches the bike and two, does not rip my bottles to pieces.

I do have to make the comment that both shops were very nice and tried to be helpful, but come on only two higher end bottle cages in the whole town of Yankton. I guess my search will continue, next time in the big city of Sioux Falls which hopefully will have a bit more inventory than the shops in Yankton.



Tez said...

I know there are some here in the BIG city but haven't really looked for them at the shops, which I am sure they have them there but I know I have seen them, while I was wondering around wasting time, at Scheels. Can't remember the price or brand name.

Snakebite said...

DON'T be a weight-weinnie!!!

Life with Tony said...

they don't give the carbon ones away. Scheels has the bontrager brand not sure of the price.

hangeng said...

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