Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty busy weekend even though there was no bike riding involved.

Saturday we took off to the big town of Volga, SD to visit the Schade Vineyards. They were having their yearly wine festival weekend. We had a lot of fun picking grapes, stomping grapes (my feet are still a little purple) and tasting different wines. We returned home with 2 1/2 cases of wine in the car, I'm glad we didn't get stopped by the police on the way home I would still be in jail on boot-legging charges. If you get the chance stop by there sometime, they are great people (they are my aunt and uncle) and it's really interesting to see the whole wine making process in action.

Sunday was spent turning our house into a home gym. I've mentioned before that I'm really trying to get back into doing some weight lifting on a regular basis. This hasn't been going as well as I would like and part of the reason is I HATE free weights. I don't like the hassle of switching out weights and I don't have a bench. I cured this problem by picking up one of these. Let me tell you putting one of these contraptions together is a workout in itself. It took me and the Mrs. a total of 12 hours (6 hours with the 2 of us) to get everything up and running. I'm looking forward to getting to work on it.

I now have: 1 stationary bike, 1 treadmill, 1 weight machine and 1 bike on the trainer once the weather gets bad. If you would like I am selling memberships to the Ride Vermillion Gym for only $25.00 per month. Bring your own towel.



Tez said...

Hope to see you guys this weekend! Sounds like the weather will be far!

Cathy Jo said...

Schade Vineyards - that brings back happy memories of TDK 2007! It was hard to explain to Charlie how I acquired a case of wine on a bike ride!

Anonymous said...

Wine that had yer feet in it?