Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Difficult Decisions


This is a difficult decision for me, on one hand you have bikes and beer (2 of my favorite things) on the other hand a tradition I have not missed in 39 years. Yep, that's right I have not not been home (my parents place) for opening day of pheasant season for 39 years. I would really like to take part in Schnoctobeerfest it sounds like a great ride and I think it would be a lot of fun. It's always a good time to meet with old friends, make new friends, get a little riding in and of course sample a few beverages. Then there is opening day of pheasant season, if your not from the heart of pheasant country, small town South Dakota you probably don't understand, but it is really almost a holiday all its own. People come back from all around the county, classmates I haven't seen or heard from since last opening day make the pilgrimage back to tromp through the countryside to try to bag a few birds. When it comes down to it its not about the birds but about the tradition of getting together with family and friends. Anyway with that all being said I will be once again head into the fields to do a bit of hunting that weekend. The main reason for me is that I don't know how many more of these weekends are still in the future for me. My Dad is getting up there in age to be trouncing around the fields so I feel I should take every advantage of each opportunity I get to do this tradition with him. Mr. T. would also be pretty upset if he didn't have to chance to go after a few pheasants with his sawed off broom stick. A 7 year old is a little young to tote a shotgun so he walks along with his broom stick, a hunter in training. To all those heading to Schnoctobeerfest have fun, ride safe and have a beer or two for me.



bikingbrady said...

You may have to talk to eDLoNNie about checking the beginning of pheasant season next year!

Tez said...

Exactly, maybe they can change the weekend so you can attend both next year.

Pheasant season is a great time to rekindle old friendships, see family and hold on to family traditions. I hunted in Kimball a couple years and it really amazed me how much money people spend and how far people will travel to hunt.

There were people from all over staying at hunting lodges out there for HUGE money to shoot pheasants that are a bit odd compared to wild grown pheasants.

thE_kErnEl said...

Yes, Schnocotbeerfest is not set in stone.

CDV said...

Can I start lobbying for an change of date for next year already??

Anonymous said...

Right call IMHO.
Family first.

I would give anything to have a weekend with my dad.

CDV said...

You and I are on the same page, their are not many 40 year old to be people that get to spend the day with their Dad hunting and if we happen to bag a bird or two all the better.

DIRK said...

I'd start lobbying to get the pheasant opener moved! Don't mess with bikes and beer.

You had to make a decision that I am glad I did not have to make. But, do what you want to do with your family. There are plenty of times to hop on the bike and catch up with those friends.

Plus, that leaves more beer for us. Good luck getting a bird or two.

Ham(m)er said...

+1 for making as many memories with your folks as possible.

Either way, it'll be a gorgeous weekend for both activities!!!

Good luck to the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe next year CitiBilly North could sponsor the first annual Biking,Beer,and BirdBlasting Blowout! Think of it, everyone swilling beer whilst riding mountain bikes weilding shotguns, blasting birds, , , ummm, on second though, maybe that's not such a good idea.... ;)