Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lack of Posts and Lack of Rides

I must be going through a post MS ride funk. My bike is still in the same position as when I arrived home from Sioux Falls last Sunday. I really can't explain why but know things WILL change this week. I've been fighting some allergy type stuff which has been causing my eyes to water, itch and swell up. I'm going to try to make sure I pop a Zyrtec every morning to try to remedy this issue.

Ms K's birthday party was also a big time grabber this last week. I started getting the yard ready Thursday night and spent 3 hours mowing and trimming. Friday the whole family went to the Clay County Fair (the Vermillion, SD one) and ended up the night at the demo derby. I'm thinking all this time outside in the dirt and dust did not help my eye issues. Saturday was the big birthday party. Pretty much the whole day was spent getting ready.

The birthday party was a lot of fun, for the kids as well as the adults. We had a total of 28 people at the party and 16 of them were kids. Games were played, food was ate and beverages were consumed, all in all a fun night. Our guests departed around 10:45 or so and then it was clean up time. Neither me or the Mrs really wanted to take on that task but we figured just suck it up and get it done and that way we wouldn't have to worry about it on Sunday. We finally got the house picked up, dishes washed, fire pit put out and kids to bed around midnight.

Today was spent pretty much recovering from yesterday, in fact I think I'm ready for my 4th nap of the day. Between naps I watched the Olympics including the womans road cycling race. Hey, it's the closest thing to riding I've done all week.



Cathy Jo said...

Wow - you know how to throw a party! Sounds like a marathon weekend with some recovery time definitely in order. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this week for some bike riding!

Tez said...

I know how you feel about not getting on the bike. My bike went all the way to Yankton on the carrier this past weekend and then sat in the garage. Work has been nuts so it is hard to hop on the bike at this point. Sounds like you had a wild party! You are making great memories for the kiddos!

Anonymous said...

I kinda felt the same way after the TdK. Took me a couple of weeks before I wanted to do some real road riding, and I wasn't having any alergy problems except donwannaride-itis.

Anonymous said...

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