Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Weather Man is a Liar

OK, did I not hear the forecast correctly. I understood today was supposed to be nicer than yesterday. I guess that will teach me to listen to the weather man. I departed about 1:30 today and questioned if I should ride with the wind or into the wind to start. I decided to ride out with the wind because I knew I would get in a longer ride. My logic being if I faced the wind to start with I would get cold and demoralized before I had gone to far, by riding with the wind I had no choice but to get home from where ever I ended up at. I knew coming home would be painful when I was effortlessly running about 19 to 20 mph on my Mt Bike. Now I know why I saw so much wildlife yesterday, I'm sure they knew Saturday would be the nice day to be out in the open as today was very blustery. Oh well, I made it home with only mildly numb toes, still much better than riding the trainer.


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