Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Signs & a Surprise

A few good signs today:

1. I got a ride in after work. Thanks Day-Light savings time and thanks KELO-land for getting the weather forecast wrong.

2. All the snow that I was so pissed to see on Monday morning, GONE, and the roads were dry.

3. Mulberry Bend Overlook is now open for your viewing pleasure. This is a scenic over look just over the Vermillion / Newcastle Bridge, it is closed over the winter months.

All these signs tell me spring is just around the corner and riding without an insulated garment on is in the near future.


As I'm finishing my ride and rolling back into Vermillion on Main Street, might I add riding as far to the right as humanly possible, I get buzzed. What I mean by buzzed is a car was about 4 inches from its mirror hitting my hand. Was there a car in the other lane, NO. Was the sun in his eyes, NO, the sun was to his back.

Now time for the surprise.

The SOB that just about took me out was VPD (Vermillion Police Dept). The only thing I can think of is he must have been stuffing his pie hole with a donut and didn't see me. I was so pissed I tried to follow him but could keep up on my Mt Bike.

We have a long way to go on cycling awareness.


Mulberry Bend Overlook on a much colder, snowier day.


bikingbrady said...

Should have got the plate and lodged a formal complaint. That just blows my mind...I'm pissed just thinking about it!!

I picked up your seat post and seat and duly paid for it...you owe me :-)

CDV said...

I got you covered

Anonymous said...

Mayhap you should call the Dept. and remind them of the Deputy in California and the related carnage.

Hey, if it's supposed to be called a saddle, why is it mounted to a SEAT post?
I'm just sayin.....