Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pulling the plow

Day light savings time and 50+ degree weather adds up to what, a ride of course.

Bikingbrady and I decided to take his tandem out for a ride. This is the first time we have been on a tandem together so we expect a bit of a learning curve. Add in the fact we switched to pedals he had never used and I had used very little made for a recipe for disaster. Well the disaster didn't happen but a very tough ride was in store..

We started out a little slow and shaky but soon got into the groove. We left town running about 20 to 21 mph and we were not working hard at all. Lookin good right? After about 6 miles in we hit some heavy chip seal from last fall, this really slowed us down. If fact down to a snails pace 12 mph and we were working our collective asses off.

We discussed the fact that the chip seal shouldn't make that much of a difference, we discussed were we that out of biking shape. Then we heard it. It sounded like a semi approaching at 100 mph, or a jet plane, no it was the disc brakes rubbing. OK we didn't feel quite as bad but were 15 miles from Vermillion and neither one of us are disc brake repairmen. So we grunted it out, it was slow it was painful, my legs are dead stumps.

When we pulled up to Bikingbrady's house he lifted the front of the bike and TRIED to spin the front tire. A good hard spin of the front tire resulted in about 1 tire rotation. No wonder it hurt so bad. Anyways just about any ride is a good ride and our legs will be stronger because of it.



Tez said...

That is like having five training sessions in one!

CDV said...

It was painful, it's the only way I have to describe it.