Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I'm done blogging for the year, between work and family events I've got a pretty busy couple of weeks. I'll be back to posting in January, I know, you can't wait. In the mean time have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

I feel it comin on.

No not the cold weather, wind or snow, but some sort of cold/sickness. I've got a sore throat and just overall a crappy feeling. Oh well I got to get it out of the way sometime, might as well be now and hopefully I can get it kicked in a couple of days. I've already tried to get a jump start on killing the bug by downing a couple vitamin C tablets and a good dose of Zinc.

I did get a short ride in this afternoon though even though I was not feeling the best. I just couldn't pass up a mid December day in the 40's. I toured around town on the mountain bike for about an hour and half. I have know idea how far or fast and I really don't care, it was just nice to be outside on the bike.

Not much else happening, so I will leave you with a quick tip we learned at our house this weekend.
No matter how dirty your cell phone gets NEVER run it though the washing machine.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Cross Training, I guess.

I'm having a real hard time devoting time to the trainer this year so far. I just really hate the stupid thing so I've decided to leave it alone until January 1st. Instead I will be working out the the treadmill and with weights. I've done pretty good this week spending some time on the treadmill everyday. I set the incline at 8% and the speed at 3.8 mph and I'm off. It's not a run, but a real brisk walk up a steep hill and after 2 miles of that I'm pretty much rubber legged. It's amazing how quickly a person can adapt though the first week 2 miles at that pace was, I'll be honest pretty difficult, now it's almost easy. I guess it's time to crank that incline up to 10% the speed will not increase as a runner I am not.

Yeah I know get on your bike and ride to work is the answer to all my problems right? I do have several reasons why I don't ride to work and here they are...

1. To get to town I have 1/2 mile of 4 lane 65 mph highway (SD Hwy 50) with no shoulder. I will ride this in the summer on my road bike but not in the dark... EVER, which is what I would be forced to do going to and coming home from work.

2. Kids, the Mrs. usually takes the kiddos to and from school, but I have the more flexible schedule in case a call from the school comes in due to a sick kid or early out.

3. Work out time, I spend my lunch hour working out everyday. I can get a good work out in without taking time away from the family at night.

There you have my 3 excuses the 2nd and 3rd I could work around, but unless you have a way of talking the town of Vermillion allowing me to carve out my very own single track into town the 1st is going to be a deal breaker.

On a different note, if anyone in the Vermillion area reading this is up for a Sunday afternoon roll around town let me know. I plan to go unless it's to slick to keep the rubber on the road.