Saturday, December 13, 2008

I feel it comin on.

No not the cold weather, wind or snow, but some sort of cold/sickness. I've got a sore throat and just overall a crappy feeling. Oh well I got to get it out of the way sometime, might as well be now and hopefully I can get it kicked in a couple of days. I've already tried to get a jump start on killing the bug by downing a couple vitamin C tablets and a good dose of Zinc.

I did get a short ride in this afternoon though even though I was not feeling the best. I just couldn't pass up a mid December day in the 40's. I toured around town on the mountain bike for about an hour and half. I have know idea how far or fast and I really don't care, it was just nice to be outside on the bike.

Not much else happening, so I will leave you with a quick tip we learned at our house this weekend.
No matter how dirty your cell phone gets NEVER run it though the washing machine.



Cathy Jo said...

Hope you're winning the battle over the cold bug - get well soon, there is too much going on to be sick this time of year!

Tez said...

It sure was nice out there Saturday. Went through Vermillion Friday night on the way to Yankton..nice Christmas lights!

Zicam! It cuts the cold in half and have you family take it as well so they don't get your cold!

Bummer about the cell phone...crackberry in your future?
Saturday I dropped our new point and shoot camera in the still works...thank GOD!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Snakebite said...

Zinc? Naw! Whiskey! Lots of it, too!

Tez said...

Blackberry brandy......

DIRK said...

Ditto Snakebite.
Lots o' WHISKEY.
Yeah and that Zicam stuff works pretty good too.