Friday, December 5, 2008

Cross Training, I guess.

I'm having a real hard time devoting time to the trainer this year so far. I just really hate the stupid thing so I've decided to leave it alone until January 1st. Instead I will be working out the the treadmill and with weights. I've done pretty good this week spending some time on the treadmill everyday. I set the incline at 8% and the speed at 3.8 mph and I'm off. It's not a run, but a real brisk walk up a steep hill and after 2 miles of that I'm pretty much rubber legged. It's amazing how quickly a person can adapt though the first week 2 miles at that pace was, I'll be honest pretty difficult, now it's almost easy. I guess it's time to crank that incline up to 10% the speed will not increase as a runner I am not.

Yeah I know get on your bike and ride to work is the answer to all my problems right? I do have several reasons why I don't ride to work and here they are...

1. To get to town I have 1/2 mile of 4 lane 65 mph highway (SD Hwy 50) with no shoulder. I will ride this in the summer on my road bike but not in the dark... EVER, which is what I would be forced to do going to and coming home from work.

2. Kids, the Mrs. usually takes the kiddos to and from school, but I have the more flexible schedule in case a call from the school comes in due to a sick kid or early out.

3. Work out time, I spend my lunch hour working out everyday. I can get a good work out in without taking time away from the family at night.

There you have my 3 excuses the 2nd and 3rd I could work around, but unless you have a way of talking the town of Vermillion allowing me to carve out my very own single track into town the 1st is going to be a deal breaker.

On a different note, if anyone in the Vermillion area reading this is up for a Sunday afternoon roll around town let me know. I plan to go unless it's to slick to keep the rubber on the road.



Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with the state hwy I would need to ride to get into work. Only it's a 2 lane, it does have somewhat of a paved shoulder, but speed limit is the same, and I have Iowa drivers on my road.
Nuff said.

Tez said...

Sounds like you are doing great! I hate the trainer also but I am thinking it will be easier with two trainers set up and me and kris riding the same time. I know this will not always work. I have to get her bike set up for it yet. Might have to drag it in tonight since I will need to get the snow blower moved and started. Oh well...Keep up the good work and don't worry about the getting on the bike, even though we all love hopping on our bike(s), you are still working out and sounds like at a good pace!

Anonymous said...

I hate the trainer. Will start hitting the gym after the operation

Anonymous said...

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