Monday, November 17, 2008

Misc. Stuff

Not much bike riding happening except for the trainer so here is the latest misc stuff going on, if you care, read on.

This last weekend was spent deer hunting. Did you know that cold weather biking gear makes great deer hunting attire? I put on my insulated bibs and one of my biking base layers on top and then proceeded to layer on my normal hunting cloths. I was toasty warm as I sat in my blind Saturday morning.

The first morning in the deer blind was great, the blind it's self is located in the wind mill tower on my parents yard about 12 feet above ground. I got to watch a 2 point buck and a yearling fight at about 50 yards way. I saw the big 4 x 5 buck which had been hanging around but could not get a good clear shot at him. The high point of the morning was watching a fawn walk up to my blind and tap its hoof on a small puddle to break the ice to get a drink. It was all of 5 yards way from me, I could hear each breath it took. I watched lots of deer the first morning but never took a shot.

My shot came Saturday afternoon. I had just finished a cup of coffee and was going to start layering on the clothes to head back to my blind when I glanced out the door of my parents house. Walking across the old feedlot about 100 yards from my parents front door was the 4 x 5 buck I had saw that morning. I grabbed my rifle, which was leaning against the wall of the entryway to my parents house, opened the screen door and took the shot from inside my parents house. If you are in need of venison I now have some to spare.

I other news the Mrs. is off to a conference in Chicago this week so I'm home alone with the kids. If I don't post before the end of the week you know they have taken over the place and I have probably locked myself in a closet with a bottle of something.



Tez said...

Don't lock yourself in the closet before Saturday night!

Congrats on the deer!

Road Legs said...

I love some deer meat if you have any extra one word in dealing with your kids ducktape

CDV said...

Road Legs,
I have ground all the meat and froze in 5lbs packages. If you would like 1 or 2 packages just let me know when you will be through Vermillion and we will work something out.

Life with Tony said...

Great job, Today I helped my Uncle bag a 6x7(will have pics posted soon). If I new you are handing out deer meat I would of stopped by Mon when I was down there.