Saturday, November 1, 2008

Busy Day

What a busy great day!

Biking Brady and I rolled out of Vermillion about 9:30 or so this morning for a 50 mile spin. We planned on meeting some rollers from Yankton, Sioux City and Sioux Falls who were riding from North Sioux City to Yankton today. It was a bit brisk when we left I think the temperature was at 39 degrees on our departure. Once out on the road we warmed up quickly settling in at about an 18 mph pace kept the heart pumping and quickly warmed us up. Our timing was almost perfect as we arrived at the meeting place with the other riders only minutes before they showed up. We rolled into Elk Point about noon where we stopped for a couple adult beverages before Biking Brady and I mentioned that we both had plans for the afternoon so we had to get the wheels turning again. This was my first longer ride on my new bike and I couldn't be happier. I do not have one complaint about the new bike and even better yet my left hand and arm do not have one bit of pain after a 50 mile ride at a pace of just under 18 mph for the entire trip. On my old bike it would be about 2 days before I felt my left pinkie finger again. Cycling Cathy I'm sorry I could not join you for your leg of the trek to Yankton.

Once home I jumped in the shower and quickly got ready to go watch the Lady Coyotes volleyball game. They have a great team this year and took care the Fighting Sioux in 3 sets. I have a second cousin who is a senior on the team so it was fun to watch her in action and visit with some relatives I don't get to see very often.

That pretty much wraps up the day and after all the running around and riding I'll be glad I get an extra hour of sleep tonight.



Cathy Jo said...

I'm glad to hear the new bike is working out so well and alleviating the shoulder/hand pain and numbness. It's great to get a 50 mile ride in this time of year!

SD_pedalpower said...

Riding a bike that does not cause pain is bliss. I can relate.

Tez said...

WOOOHOO! Glad the bike is working out!