Friday, May 8, 2009

Dog Attack

Yeah, I once again haven't posted in a while because it would read something like this. I went to work, I rode my bike, I went to sleep. Well last nights ride produced a pretty good bike story. Good story if you like pain and blood that is.

Cycling Cathy and I rode out of Vermillion about 5:30 for a pleasant evening ride. Our planned route was the Meckling loop which is right at 30 miles, it is a route I ride at least once a week during cycling season and am very familiar with it and the dogs on it. We had a nice ride into a mild breeze and chatted about the upcoming Tour de Kota. We made it to the 1/2 way point in the ride and made the turn to put the wind at our backs. As we approached Meckling Cathy said to me "if that dog comes out after us I'm calling the police." I reached in my jersey pocket and pulled out my "Halt" dog spray just to be ready, you know just in case.

Out came the BIG black dog, and I mean small cow type big dog. I probably had the chance to out run him but that would have meant sacrificing my friend to the beast so the decision was quick and easy, stop, fight and defend. I quickly tried to stop and dismount so I could defend myself on two feet instead of two wheels; the the dog lept at my face. In a totally reflexive defensive move I raised my arm to protect my face. That is when the dog sunk his fangs into my wrist. The dog stumbled after his lunge at me which gave me the chance to get off my bike and deploy the "Halt" spray. I hit him with the whole damn can. It didn't stop him, in fact at this point he went after Cathy, who was now off her bike. Cathy, being the wise lady she is, used her bike as a defensive shield keeping it between her and the dog. She also hit the dog multiple times with dog spray.

For whatever reason the attack finally stopped, not sure if it was the pepper spray or just all the commotion. At this point it was time to access the damage. I ended up with a pretty good puncture "fang wound" on my wrist and some deep scratches on the bottom of my wrist from where he drug his bottom teeth across my flesh.

As I stood on the road bleeding, Cathy called the sheriffs department and made a quick trip to Toby's restaurant to get some ice to put on my injury. During this time the hill billy that owns the dog is trying to catch said beast. His wife, who is standing there watching me bleed makes the comment "we ain't got no money". What ?!?!? I'm standing in the middle of the road bleeding and instead of offering a towel, some water, may-be a flippin band-aid she is worried about if she is getting sued.

A person in the house next door finally came out and offered some assistance. They were nice enough to allow me into their home to wash off some blood and try to clean the wound some. As I'm cleaning up the neighbor lady makes the comment that she does not leave her house when "that dog is out".

The deputy arrived shortly after I got done cleaning up and took our information. All this time the dogs owner still has not secured the dog. Finally about 30 to 40 minutes after the attack the dog was caught. About this time Liz rolled up with the bike rack on the car and collected me and Cathy and off the the hospital I went.

Once at the hospital I got my wound properly cleaned and got a tetanus shot. I was just getting ready to leave as the deputy walked in with the wonderful news that the dog has never had a rabies shot. Oh Joy! Here we go. Much discussion was had by the Dr. people and they finally decided to wait on starting the rabies vaccination series and try to get the dog tested ASAP.

That pretty much sums up the whole event, at this point I'm working with law enforcement on getting the dog destroyed and tested. Positive thoughts for a negative rabies test would be much appreciated.



bikingbrady said...

Post the pictures...the story needs that for visual effect :-)

Tez said...

I agree, post the pictures!

The sad thing is that, in most instances, it is not the dogs fault. The owners are at fault for the dogs behavior, lack of control and responsibility!

Heal FAST!

Cathy Jo said...

Thanks for taking that "bullet" for me! Next time, please just go and save yourself - I'll have a new supply of the more effective bear spray from Cabella's by then!

DIRK said...

That's not a story I really want to hear about. Glad you guys are OK. Hope for some "good" news on the tests.
At least it will make for some great conversation on B2B !

Anonymous said...

I hope your physical and mental trauma heal quickly. I was actually sad to hear that the dog would be destroyed, but if the owners have known that dog was out of control it probably should have been done long ago. So, the owners "ain't go no money" huh? Then they had better hope they have good homeowners insurance.
This is just plain bad news all around.

CDV said...


See my response to TEZ, but I've still got a day or two that I have to worry about my health.

Road Legs said...

I try remember the saying there are no bad dogs just bad owners

Snakebite said...

Bummer, dude. I bet you're glad that wasn't a vampire dog.

I carry a whip for such occasions. I haven't had to use it yet so I don't know how well, or not, it will work.

Lisa said...

Saw your post, sorry about the dog bite incident. If you ride in the Vermillion area, have you had any trouble with dogs on Timber road? My father was recently in a bad biking accident, possibly due to a dog. Was curious if you have had any trouble with dogs on Timber road?

Anonymous said...


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