Friday, June 20, 2008


I don't know about anyone else but I'm sure glad it's Friday. I always hate coming back to work after a week long vacation, it always seems like there is a weeks worth of work that needs to be done. I finally feel like I'm caught up at work, now its time to try to catch up on some biking.

I did get a nice 30 mile ride in Tues night and had good intentions of another 30 last night. The 30 miler last night quickly became somewhere around a 12 to 14 mile ride. I took off about 4:30 P.M. and noticed a few rain clouds in the west. Not enough to worry me, a little rain has never bothered me while riding. Once I was about 5 miles out the little rain became a lot. I kept riding though the temp was nice, there was no wind and I couldn't get any wetter. I reached Mulberry Point outside of Vermillion and rode back in the rain the whole way. I had intentions to ride out to Clay County park and just casually ride around Vermillion but then the lightening started. I don't mind riding in the rain but riding in lightening is not my idea of good safe fun. So I bagged the rest of my ride.

Anyways I'm planning on doing some riding tomorrow the route is still a little up in the air but I plan to meet up with some other local rollers and hope to get around 60 miles or so in.

Have a good weekend!


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